Do you want to see the video episodes of the previous seasons? Click on the links below to see the videos.


2017 has been and awesome sailing season. First we bought a "new" sailboat - a Hallberg Rassy 352 and made a fast refit. Then we spend 6 weeks at the San Blas Islands. Check out our adventures which we had there - the Kuna indians, a storm, Panama, nice sailor friends and the sailing family - click here to see all videos


2016 has been the start of our sailing adventure. It was the first trial to test if everybody will be happy on a sailboat - because we never sailed before.  See what happened during our first trials and the crossing of the Ionian Sea from Greece to Sicily - click here to see all videos


OUR MISSION is a documentary film project about a family who bought a 26 feet sailboat in July 2016 and started sailing for the first time. The first season took place in Greece and Sicily in July and August 2016.

2017 we bought a bigger boat a Hallberg-Rassy 352 in Panama. We sailed to the San Blas Islands and spend 8 weeks in Panama. 2018 and 2019 we will have 14 month (or more) to discover Central America, the Caribbean Islands, Florida and... It is called the ENDLESS SUMMER SAILING TRIP - be a part of it & follow our sailing adventures!

We hope by sharing this adventure you will find some inspiration in your life. If doesn’t have to be sailing. It can be anything at all. Just take a few minutes every day for yourself, breathe deep and relax, and don’t forget to SMILE big time!


TAVARUA is a pretty sweet boat, but what really makes her special is the PEOPLE that sail her.  To read more about THE SAILING FAMILY on TAVARUA check out our crew page.


TAVARUA is a Halberg-Rassy 352 built in 1984. Our first sailboat was MAYA which had only 26 feet. If you want to know more about TAVARUA and MAYA check out our boat page.