Klaus was born in a famous wine-area in Austria called Wachau. His parents had a small motorboat on the river danube. After he had finished school he started to study sports at university in Vienna. 5 month a year he spent windsurfing on the canarian islands. After he had finished university he organized and took part in several extremesports and adventure projects which were published in magazines and TV. Klaus ia a teacher for physical education and a personal trainer. His dedication is fitness, kitesurfing and now sailing. "The Sailing Family" is his first sailing project and a new episode of his life.


Suu was born  in Austria. She studied sports and italian language and is a teacher on a high school in Austria. Her dedication is fitness and kitesurfing. She has never sailed before. Suu is a very happy and positive person which has the party-fever in her.


Alina is 15 years old. She likes kitesurfing and hanging around with her friends. She always smiles  and is very consequent in everything what she does.

Concerning sailing she is a bit scared but open to live new adventures.


Vita is 13 years old. She likes hanging around with her friends and her goal is to be a movie star. She likes singing and has started her own Youtube-Channel. She is open for new adventures and happy to be on maya in summer.